thoughts from oak park community



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  Above are pictures from last friday’s potluck. Last winter we started having a potluck every friday night. We would try to ask a new person to come over every friday either from the neighborhood or the church downstairs. We thought this might be the best way to engage and get to know someone better, and people love and have to eat! Even though it takes a lot of work and energy, I have really enjoyed seeing everyone come together. They bring our community together, working together to make a meal, setting the table and putting together tables and chairs. It also helps connect neighbors who might not of known each other. We have found that people around here have a hard time trusting each other. I met an older woman the other day who lives across the street who has lived here in this neighborhood since 1968. She says she knows only one person who lives on her block. She said, “It’s just not what it used to be. I used to leave my door unlocked and clothes hanging on the line, then one day it changed. I came home from work and my clothes were gone.” She is now contemplating moving, because people have been trying to steal her air conditioner. This is mostly the story I hear from neighbors. Older woman afraid to come out of their houses, neighbors not knowing neighbors. I don’t think this is how it is supposed to be. Jesus help us to be good neighbors.